How to Prepare for Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

How to Prepare for Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Do you, or a loved one, have an upcoming physical therapy appointment? If this is your first time and you aren’t sure what to do, what to wear, or what to expect, Metropolitan Education & Healthcare Services has prepared a useful guideline that can help you. As a concerned provider of Pediatric Therapy in Metropolitan Detroit, we want you to feel prepared and at ease as you get ready for your physical therapy session.

  • Prepare a List of Your Symptoms and Questions

    First and foremost, make sure to prepare a list of your symptoms and any questions that you may have. For instance, note down any symptoms that you’ve been having and for how long you’ve been experiencing them. If you have more than one symptom, start with the one that bothers you that most. Also, note any instances or activities that aggravate your symptoms or pain.

    Any and all relevant information you can provide to your physical therapist will help them prepare a more accurate treatment plan. On the other hand, please don’t hesitate to ask your physical therapist about any questions that you have as well. List them down beforehand so that you won’t forget them during your appointment.

  • Prepare Necessary Documents

    Before your appointment, make sure to prepare all necessary documents. These include your physical therapy referral form from your primary physician, your insurance card (if applicable), your payment information, and your auto insurance (if applicable). You should also prepare your medical history (i.e. a list of your current medications, a list of your medical conditions).

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

    During physical therapy, you may be asked to do various exercises and activities so make sure to wear comfortable clothes. Ideally, you should wear closed-toe socks and shoes and clothes that facilitate motion. Also, please refrain from wearing loose or excessive jewelry (or take it off during your appointment) since these might restrict your movements.

Your First Visit: What to Expect
During your first session, your physical therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition and medical history. They will also conduct a physical examination. By doing these things, they can determine whether or not physical therapy is a good fit for you. It can also help them determine the best course of treatment. During this first session, your therapy needs and goals will also be discussed.

Do you have further questions about our physical therapy services and Home Health Agency in Detroit? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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