Occupational Therapy: For Better Grip, Better Handwriting, And Better Academic Performance

Occupational Therapy: For Better Grip, Better Handwriting, And Better Academic Performance

The doodles and scribbles of your little children are probably one of the sweetest tokens of their achievements. But when doodling and scribbling interfere with the quality of their handwriting, it may be a good idea to have a therapist evaluate what is causing these writing concerns before they get to higher education. Encourage them to have better penmanship through handwriting exercises. This way, more developmental needs that need to be improved to help give them better academic performance will be determined.

Occupational Therapy for Penmanship

  • Handwriting Without Tears

    These are activity books led by our therapists that help improve the letter and number recognition and strokes of your children’s handwriting. These have positive long-term effects in helping children become better school performers for their ability to write faster and work easier with their mastery in handwriting.

    • Occupational therapists.

      From our Pediatric Therapy in Metropolitan Detroit will also assess your child’s developmental levels so they can identify underlying learning difficulties. Our therapists will need to check on the fine and gross motor skills of your child, as well as their visual recognition of numbers and letters and their comprehension level, to determine whether these areas also need further development since these are learning foundations that can influence the quality of penmanship.

    • For Print and Cursive Writing.

      For them to move up to better print and cursive writing, our therapists will still base the learning program through the Handwriting Without Tears activity books to make improvement cohesive with their current writing styles that are made even better.

  • Keyboarding Without Tears

    To keep up with the use and knowledge of computers, Keyboarding Without Tears is an infused learning program that teaches children letter and number recognition to word reading and vocabulary. This also touches base with their fine motor skills since it guides children to locate certain characters on the keyboard to match the characters presented on their screens, which basically becomes a well-rounded learning through the Handwriting Without Tears program.

Children who have been recommended to consult with an occupational therapist or those recommended to undergo Special Education may even greatly benefit from these occupational therapy programs to become sharper and be one of the creative minds that will soon lead the world.

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