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Refining Your Preschooler’s Development through Occupational Therapy

Refining Your Preschooler’s Development through Occupational Therapy

Children are most eager to see, touch, taste, hear and smell all the different things that look new and interesting to them, even if they are already familiar with what you are about to introduce them to. Take their toys for example; when they have new toys, they will still find a way to play with the old ones together with the new toys because they will always find all of them still interesting to play with.

Occupational Therapy can be beneficial to children who have cognitive and behavioral concerns that need special attention. Pediatric Therapy in Metropolitan Detroit has increasingly evolved to hone this developmental stage to make your child gain independence and enjoy learning things on their own. Your child can further develop their skills with the guidance of therapists while staying at home with the following activities:

  • Sensory Integration Exercises

    These are activities that involve objects of different shapes, sizes, and weights that will stimulate their less responsive senses. Safe spaces will also be introduced to families so that they can provide their children with a safe space and time where they can be alone and by themselves to calm down away from the confusion. Most sensory corners are those where children can have a heavy blanket they can pull over themselves to keep them warm as they relax on a soft, comfy couch. You can even put tape around their safe space to indicate that only they have the right to stay in that area.

  • Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills

    With our Special Education, we have specifically designed our programs to target the developmental needs of little children who are entrusted into our specialization.

    • Fine motor skills are considered as small movements like learning how to hold a glass of water or picking up a ball to have better mastery over their grip and attention to detail.
    • Gross motor skills are bigger muscular movements that require the mastery of balance and coordination like getting up from the floor to unassisted walking.
  • Rhythmic Movement Exercises

    These exercises are movements that will help children from falling over so they can learn to support and balance their heads and bodies to be able to enjoy everyday activities.

These are just some of the occupational therapy services that you can have for your child to help them improve their balance and senses so they, too, can enjoy more out of life.

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