What You Should Know About Occupational Therapy

What You Should Know About Occupational Therapy

Many people acquire diseases and injuries and then recover, get hospitalized and then get released, and just go on with life. It is amazing to know that some of these people are able to get back on their feet without difficulties while the others are less lucky. The difference lies on whether these individuals are able to adjust or are dragged by the handicapping effects of illnesses and injuries. To be able to cope better, occupational therapy is necessary. For children, there are many effective providers of Pediatric Therapy in Metropolitan Detroit. Finding the right care providers and services or combination of services and special education can be sourced from the top Home Health Agency in Detroit, Metropolitan Education & Healthcare Services.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

In occupational therapy, the needs of the children are assessed – which areas need help, what are the strengths and weaknesses, what devices are needed or if they are necessary at all, how the regular environment of the children is like, if they feel any pain and discomfort, and so on. The goal of this assessment and intervention is to help the children adjust, function, and recover the best way they can taking into considerations as many factors as possible. Some of the measures often involve training and activities.

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

People who have physical or mental challenges brought by diseases or injuries need occupational therapy. Children who have birth defects, traumatic and orthopedic injuries, integrative disorders, autism, learning problems, behavioral problems, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, amputations, cancer, and chronic illnesses can be helped adjust to their everyday lives through occupational therapy. They will be given assistance, training, activities, exercises, and the like to help them integrate into and function well in the society.

What Are the Misconceptions of Occupational Therapy?

As important as occupational therapy may be, unfortunately it is shrouded with misconceptions. Many people confuse or misunderstand it which results to people not getting such help. Some people have an image of occupational therapy being done in the hospitals. While it is true that it can be done in a hospital setting, it does not mean that it cannot be done anywhere else. Occupational therapy can actually also be done in homes. Another misinterpretation of occupational therapy is that it is synonymous with physical therapy and that physical therapists can perform occupational therapy.

These two forms of therapy are not the same nor can be administered by either therapist. They work closely together, however, which might be the source of the confusion. Lastly, some people mistakenly believe that occupational therapists are only for the elderly. Now, this is why so many people do not get themselves occupational therapy even when it can greatly help them. Occupational therapy is actually for everyone and for any age.

Knowing more about occupational therapy hopefully made it clearer for people what it really is and who can benefit from it. Hopefully, they can finally bridge the gap between illness, injury, and recovery by getting occupational therapy for themselves or for their loved ones.

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