Pediatric Feeding Therapy

The MetroEHS Multi-Disciplinary Pediatric Feeding Program has been designed to target your child’s specific needs! Based in our Saline Therapy Center we are one center with three trained feeding specialists: Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Occupational Therapist, and Speech-Language Pathologist.

We are passionate about eating! We know that having a “picky eater”  is hard for the whole family. Our goal for feeding therapy is safe, functional, and positive eating experiences to improve quality of life!

Evaluation – Our comprehensive one and a half hour feeding evaluation will be completed by the three specialists at the same time. Following the evaluation, our team will review our findings and recommend if therapy is necessary, which therapies are required for best progress, and the frequency and duration of feeding therapy. We will also refer to other professionals, if necessary.

Success – We want the success in our clinic to generalize across a variety of settings, including home meals, school lunches, and restaurants. To achieve success across settings, we encourage families to observe and participate throughout their child’s time in feeding therapy. Considering a family’s goals and culture is important for feeding therapy, and we want our families to be as involved as possible.

The MetroEHS team collaborates frequently during the treatment process to create a child-specific program in order to support progress and success. We want to use our training to determine the best techniques to help your child.

Call today to schedule a feeding evaluation! We would love to help.


Saline Therapy Center
7025 E. Michigan Avenue, Ste. J
Saline, MI 48176

MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy serves Saline and the surrounding communities with professional,  personalized and goal-oriented Pediatric Therapy. MetroEHS, as an organization, can craft therapy to meet the needs of clients using proven therapy in the following main disciplines.

Speech Therapy – Child Speech Therapy – Difficulties in areas of communication, swallowing, speech or language, MetroEHS serves clients with conveniently located Speech Therapy Centers.

Occupational Therapy – Sensory Therapy – With the focus being to create goals important to the child and family, MetroEHS serves clients with conveniently located Occupational Therapy Centers.

ABA Therapy – Autism Services focused on assessing & creating a custom plan to reach agreed upon goals, Serving clients with conveniently located ABA Therapy Centers.

MetroEHS serves Metro Detroit area clients with conveniently located Pediatric Therapy Centers. Please visit our locations page to view our other Therapy Centers.