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The Roseville center is located on Little Mack Ave. and Fenton St.

At the Roseville center, we want to provide a fun and safe environment for every child who enters our doors. Our goal is to ensure that every family we work with knows that their child’s care is our top priority. We want to support each child from every angle through multidisciplinary collaboration while encouraging them to also be the star that they are!

To best serve our families and therapy staff from a clinical perspective, MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy appoints clinicians to serve at the helm of each of our therapy centers!

  • 29751 Little Mack Avenue Suite A Roseville, MI 48066
  • 313-278-4601
    • Monday 8AM–7:30PM
    • Tuesday 8AM–7:30PM
    • Wednesday 8AM–7:30PM
    • Thursday 8AM–7:30PM
    • Friday 8AM–7:30PM
    • Saturday Closed
    • Sunday Closed
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Proud to Serve the Roseville Community

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As a provider of Staffing and Pediatric Therapy in Metropolitan Detroit, our therapists, educational staff and administrative teams are all dedicated to the success of our valued clients.


ABA Therapy in Roseville

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), is an evidence based treatment that focuses on improving socially significant behaviors, and has shown to be an effective treatment for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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Speech Therapy in Roseville

Speech Language Pathologists carry experience providing services to our pediatric clients from the ages of birth through adolescence. They assess and treat children that may have difficulties in areas of communication, swallowing, speech or language.

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SLPs in Michigan
Pediatric Occupation Therapy in Michigan

Occupational Therapy in Roseville

Occupational Therapists address sensory processing, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognition, social skills, strength, balance, coordination, activities of daily living, reflex integration, and feeding.

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Feeding Therapy in Roseville

We are passionate about eating! We know that having a “picky eater” is hard for the whole family. Our goal for feeding therapy is safe, functional, and positive eating experiences to improve quality of life!

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Feeding Therapy in MI
Pediatric PT in Michigan

Physical Therapy in Roseville

MetroEHS Pediatric Physical Therapy works with children of all ages and diagnoses, whether your child is behind on their milestones, has a neurological diagnosis, or suffered an injury during play.

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Mental Health Services in Brownstown

MetroEHS treats individuals with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder.

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Mental Health Services in MI


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