a woman teaching and showing something to the children

Our therapists are trained BCBA or Behavioral Consultants who know the principles of ABA. New therapists and technicians are supervised and trained by a BCBA with over 20 years experience in the field.

Our younger children are exposed to ABA Verbal Therapy training, but we also look for other important skills (for example, toileting, feeding, fine and gross motor) that will help them progress as they enter school and other life opportunities. For our young adult clients, we look at developing pivotal skills (for example, social and communication skills, vocational skills and targeted independence skills) that, when learned, can open up additional experiences in their lives. We also involve the parents and other caregivers to ensure that the skills learned in therapy can be reinforced at home, allowing more experiences to ensure that these skills will be used now and into the future.

Here are some examples of possible skills our ABA program can address:
  • Communication
  • Positive Peer/Sibling Interactions (social skills, interactive play skills)
  • Self-Help Skills (toileting, dressing, bathing, etc.)
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Play and Leisure Skills
  • Life Skills