MetroPrep Academy is a preschool designed specifically to help children with delays succeed! Some kids need extra support before beginning a general education preschool or Kindergarten due to a developmental delay such as Down Syndrome, a language delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or otherwise. Giving these kids the tools they need to succeed in school is why we have created MetroPrep Academy!

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How will my student learn?

Kids will learn in a supportive, small classroom of no more than 12 students led by a preschool teacher. We have developed a typical preschool curriculum, including: literacy, writing, crafts, math, science, music, and play. MetroPrep Academy goes beyond, by incorporating skills that aren’t regularly and systematically targeted in general education preschools. Students will receive assistance from both a Speech-Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist, as either one will be in the classroom each day. The SLP will work alongside the preschool teacher to improve speech (sound production), receptive language (understanding, following directions, and answering questions), expressive language (forming age-appropriate sentences, grammar, and vocabulary), and social skills (making friends, responding in social situations, playing with toys). Likewise, the OT will work to improve a child’s fine motor skills (drawing, coloring, writing), gross motor skills (strength and coordination, such as rolling and hopping), sensory integration (regulation of input from the environment), visual-motor skills (hand-eye coordination like catching a ball, cutting, tracking objects), bilateral integration (stringing beads, lacing), and activities of daily living (eating, dressing, buttoning, zipping). A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will also be available to assist with managing behaviors when required.

What does a typical day look like?

Every aspect of MetroPrep Academy has been carefully designed to nurture development: toys that engage their senses, encourage play with others, and stimulate problem-solving skills; circle time themes that encourage learning and excite children; crafts that improve fine motor skills and ability to follow directions; the list goes on. Kids at MetroPrep Academy will learn how to function in a general education school by participating in typical preschool routines such as snack, circle time, art, and play while being provided the extra help they need to thrive. Using a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary, individualized approach to learning will help your child feel successful and enjoy school. MetroPrep Academy will help you prepare your child to take on preschool and beyond!

Ages 2-7 welcome

Fall Semester begins September 16, with the option to enroll during the school year

Class will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-12:00, additional days and times will be added in the future

Students do not have to be potty trained

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Saline Therapy Center
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MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy serves Saline and the surrounding communities with professional,  personalized and goal-oriented Pediatric Therapy. MetroEHS, as an organization, can craft therapy to meet the needs of clients using proven therapy in the following main disciplines.

Speech Therapy – Child Speech Therapy – Difficulties in areas of communication, swallowing, speech or language, MetroEHS serves clients with conveniently located Speech Therapy Centers.

Occupational Therapy – Sensory Therapy – With the focus being to create goals important to the child and family, MetroEHS serves clients with conveniently located Occupational Therapy Centers.

ABA Therapy – Autism Services focused on assessing & creating a custom plan to reach agreed upon goals, Serving clients with conveniently located ABA Therapy Centers.

MetroEHS serves Metro Detroit area clients with conveniently located Pediatric Therapy Centers. Please visit our locations page to view our other Therapy Centers.